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Top list of the biggest transport-logist...
04 Jul 2016

According to the top list of the biggest transport-logistic Russian companies as for year-end 2014, published by “EXPERT” (№ 26 June 27th – July 3rd),

Launching the vessels on the route Arkha...
29 Jun 2016

From the 1st of July the company «Belomortrans» launch 2 vessels on the route Arkhangelsk-Sabetta-Arkhangelsk for making the round voyage during the summer navigation:

Summer navigation at the port of Varande...
16 Jun 2016

This is to inform you, that according to the Order of Harbourmaster summer navigation at the port of Varandey is to start on June 15th

Transportation of project cargo
In the framework of the Agreement with our general customer “Belomortrans” fulfilled transportation of seismic vibrators Nomad 65 and Nomad 65T from Saint-Petersburg to...
Northern delivery
Cargo delivery to the cape of Schmidt and the Wrangel Island