Air transportation by Belomortrans
Air transportation – nowadays is the quickest cargo delivery method to Naryan-Mar, and the best method for urgent cargo delivery.

JSC «Belomortrans» offers a wide range of service, which includes the term «air carriage». Big experience in the sphere of air transportation, highly-skilled employees, well-established connections with many members of cargo transportation, all necessary technical equipment allow us to organize qualified reliable effective air transportations and air transportations to Naryan-Mar according to the principle “door-to door” cargo delivery. We do consider each demand and wish of a client, work out the most suitable schemes of air transportation in each concrete case. Cargo carriage is organized via the immediate flights to Naryan-Mar.

JSC «Belomortrans» air carriage service complex includes:
  • Cargo delivery from the client to an airport for further air transportation. (Arkhangelsk - Naryan-Mar , Naryan-Mar - Arkhangelsk);
  • Loading-discharging service using special technical equipment.
  • Issuing of all necessary documents;
  • Off-gauge and heavy-lift cargo transportation;
  • Place reservation for air transportation organisation;
  • Transportation monitoring, cargo tracing both in sky and on land;
  • Information of a Consignee about cargo delivery.

On your demand we’ll consult you on air transportation value to Naryan-Mar.

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