In Arkhangelsk the opening of the forth world forum «The Arctic projects - today and tomorrow» has taken place. The sponsors of the meeting are the Administration of Arkhangelsk region, the Association of oil and gas exporters «Sozvezdie» and the Northern Arctic Federal University. The members of the forum are more than 200 representatives of the logistics companies, scientists, heads of scientific institutes, of engineering and shipping plants and dockyards, of oil and gas companies and of geological exploration organizations. The business program of the forum includes conferences and discussions, visiting of industrial objects and of science research centers.В Logistics in the Arctic is the key subject matter of the forum, which concerns the freight traffic in the Northern Sea Route, the strategic provision for military objects, the supplying of oil and gas fields and other infrastructural objects.

The meeting of freight specialists was devoted to the results of the navigation 2016, which was opened by the governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov. The opening speech of the governor of the Arkhangelsk region is reflective of the urgent need in the Arkhangelsk sea gate for the continuation of effective shipping industry development in the Arctic zone: «The World forum «The Arctic projects – today and tomorrow» is a professional platform for cooperation, aimed to the future. Arkhangelsk is justly chosen as a place for such a meeting. The Arkhangelsk region is a leader in the industrial and transport reclaiming of the Arctic, the potential for the economic regional advance is connected with the infrastructural, oil and gas and transport projects’ realization in the Arctic zone. The discussion about the most important port in the Arctic is irrational. Evidently that there are many gates to the Arctic – in Murmansk, in Krasnoyarsky region, in Yakutia, in Yamal and Chukotka. Each port has its own specificity, its own structure.

But the Arctic starts here in Arkhangelsk. During almost five centuries our city has been serving to Russian country, defending faithfully its borders. The city and port development was connected with the important state targets accomplishment. And nowadays Arkhangelsk continues working actively in the Arctic, the serious work on the state and interstate levels is carried out».

«Forum has become the expert ground for the dialogue, in which the actual problems of the Arctic reclamation are brought up, in the discussions there is a search of technologic solutions, connected with the Arctic projects’ realization», - noticed Igor Nekrasov, the president of the company «Belomortrans».

According to Igor Godzish, the head of Arkhangelsk, the strategy of economic development of Arkhangelsk is being formed now, and the projects connected with the Arctic play the significant role. The deep dwelling port construction in Arkhangelsk is a huge investment volume and a new work places’ setting up. The task for our city is to supply with the comfortable conditions for the development of such a great project, where the dialogue between business and authorities plays the important role.