On July 16th, 2015 from Murmansk to the Solovetski Islands comes liner «Cristal Symphony». Since 2004 it is the biggest liner in the agency history of “Belomortrans”. There are more than 500 crew members onboard and about 700 passengers from different countries.

Because of huge sizes (238 m) the liner was planned to enter only outer roads of the port of Arkhangelsk, where the passengers were planned to go through passport and customs check-point, but because of technical difficulties of state board service and customs house, the liner arrived on the outer roads of the port of Murmansk on July 13th and afterwards will follow to the Solovetsky Islands. Because of the mass of arrived guests, there was worked out a special excursion program and the Solovetsky open-air museum had to recruit and teach more guides to work with foreign tourists.

During one day tourists from the USA, Australia and Europe will learn about the history of Solovetsky Kreml and GULAG and visit Sekir Mountain. There is planned an interesting excursion to the cape Beluzhii – the only place in the world where one can see white whales from the shore. Acquaintance of foreign tourists with the Solovetsky Archipelago will finish with the excursion to the Bolshoy Zayatsky Island.

On July 17th the Solovetsky Islands will meet another foreign liner «Seven Seas Voyager» (length 208 m), which will deliver to the Solovetski Island about 700 passengers from Europe and the USA.

For today entrance of such big liners as «Cristal Symphony» and «Seven Seas Voyager» to the port of Arkhangelsk is impossible because of the maximum depth limitations - 190 m. Maybe with the growth of interest to the Arkhangelsk region on the international scene of sea voyages, our port will see such dredging operations, so that big liners could enter it.

Agency of cruise liner «Cristal Symphony»