From June 1, 2018, the changes related to the re-branding of the company "Belomortrans" come into effect. We changed the logo and corporate identity to bring it in line with the specialization of the company: a comprehensive 4PL operator.

Qualitative changes in the positioning of the company were caused by the development of competencies and expertise in the logistics of industrial facilities and enterprises of the oil and gas industry.

"The new visual identity of JSC" Belomortrans " translates the metaphor" wind rose ", reflecting the company's global specialization in all areas of logistics. And also, emphasizes the specialization 4PL operator. Thus, a smooth transition from the association of JSC "Belomortrans" with a purely transport forwarding company to the perception of the brand as a complex logistics operator is achieved, not limited solely to transport operations, " says the head of the agency Dotorg, who conducted the rebranding of the company.

Russian Upstream Logistics is a new slogan of the company, reflecting the company's specialization in the logistics of Russian fields, oil and gas facilities and large industrial enterprises.

The company strengthens its presence as an integrated logistics operator in the regions of active development of oil and gas fields and construction of large LNG facilities.