Building of military towns began on the island of Wrangel and at the Cape of O. Schmidt, where there were delivered block-modules for building the complex “Polar star”- informed the head of press service of Eastern Military District of Russia colonel Alexander Gordeev.

The Russian Federation started building of military town with complex “Polar star” in the Arctic. “On the Wrangel island and Cape of O. Schmidt there were unloaded block-modules for building of military towns. The complex is planned to be built in the form of star, which will help military men move free within the building, and reduce for maximum there being outdoors in the conditions of low temperature – said Mr. Gordeev”.

Two administratively-habitable complexes consisting of 34 modules will be built during a month for support of the arctic grouping of Eastern Military District. The Complex consists of dwelling, maintenance, administrative blocks, a sport room, sweatbath and cabinet of psychological relaxation.

Earlier Commander-in Chief of The Russian Federation Airforces informed that Russia Airforces are going to increase their grouping in the Arctic, but for now there are no real competitors in this region. Let us remind that in December 2013 the vice-president of the Russian Federation Mr. Rogozin said, that “there is a serious battle” for the Arctic region, but it doesn’t come out the frames of virtual, however “he players are disposed seriously”. Sergey Shoigu already declared about the building of military grouping for defense of national interests of Russia in the Arctic. He charged the Joint Staff to work out the project of deploying in the Arctic.

International-legal status of the Arctic region for today is known to be a matter of dispute mostly between the USA, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. First of all the question is about ownership of submarine ridges of Lomonosov and Mendeleev, where according to the latest studies is contained about 12% of the world resources of oil.