In the end of the year 2015 there was restricting, directed to the company consolidation and market representation. Wi this purpose there was organized JSC “Belomortrans”. The main sectors of the branch are supply of chemical feedstock for service of drilling mud and for various oil and gas equipment. The company focuses on supply of different customized reagents for oil-and-gas sector of leading manufacturers of Russia, PRC, Malaysia, South Korea, Great Britain and the USA.

Types of supplied reagents and alloys:
  • basic oils for oil-base mud;
  • drilling mud thickeners;
  • fluid loss reducing (restore) agent;
  • clay protective agents;
  • emulsifiers, surface-active materials;
  • salt for killing of the well;
  • acids and acid agents;
  • rust preventers;
  • scale inhibitors;
  • paraffin inhibitors;
  • demulsification agents

  • And other types of chemical agents composing the drill muds and also used for well cementing. The second priority in the activity of JSC «Belomortrans» is the delivery of specialized equipment for oil and gas sector (shale shaker-desanders, screens, centrifuges, degasifiers, pumps and other equipment and service parts to them).

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