Warehousing services
We have many year's experience in cargo handling and professional staff, which help us to work with different cargo and provide huge variety of warehousing services. And also we offer warehouse space in different regions of the Russian Federation:
Full complex of cargo handling service at the ports of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk
  • Customs service
  • Warehouse space
  • Loading and off-loading service
  • Shipment control
  • Safe storage
  • Cargo marking
  • Cargo repacking
  • Container stuff
Documentation procedure of safe storage
Acceptance of MTR from the Customer’s suppliers:
  • Incoming inspection of support and technical documentation;
  • Issuance of cargo МH-1 with detailed description of physical dimensions of the cargo (quantity, net weight, gross weight, dimensions, packing type, factory numbers) in accordance with support documentation at the time of cargo acceptance;
  • Issuance of balance МH-1 where there are stated prices and cargo description according to the specification provided by the Customer;
  • Issuance of М-7 with description of all differences in quantity and quality of the cargo accepted with the data in the cargo supporting and technical documentation;
  • Submission of full documentation package for each cargo lot (cargo МH-1, balance МH1, М-7, invoice-facture, way bill, Torg-12, official letters, general format acts, passports, certificates, declarations, pictures of the cargo).
  • Storage, movement and realization of MTR:
  • Metering of MTR by automatic accounting system;
  • Generating of МH-20 at any time;
  • Informing the Customer about movement, realization and presence of MTR by online informing system;
  • Full and partial inventory;
  • Issuance of expenditure papers MH-3, М-15, ОS-15, Torg-1.
Complex of logistic service for the companies of oil-and-gas sector including initial cargo acceptance from the base and delivery to the fields and building sites
  • Organization/control of take delivery from railway, motor, sea and river transport;
  • Control of quality and quantity correspondence of cargo to the supporting documents;
  • Marking, tagging of all cargo units, verification of the cargo containers and packing with government standard;
  • Transportation of equipment including off-gauge and materials including CLM in any volume and by any kind of transport;
  • Storage of MTR in accordance with GOST and technic specification in the areas of the Far North;
  • Kitting of steel constructions and equipment of any difficulty;
  • We have our own park of off-road vehicles (automobile sites, lift trucks, crane trucks);
  • Organization of rotational camps and autonomous feeding of the employees, who provide manufacturing works on the fields and building sites.
Outsourcing of document support for warehouse and transport operations.
    We would like to offer you optimal solution of remote document support concerning transport and warehouse logistic to the difficult-to-reach areas and regions of the Far North in the sphere of oil and gas development.
    List of services:
  • Warehouse management organization of secure storage;
  • Software providing, documental and technical support;
  • Participation in agreement of document support regulations and execution of documents of forms МH-1, М-7, МH-3, waybill etc;
  • Set up and list of MTR certificates base, quality certificates and cargo pictures;
  • Working out and modification of reporting in accordance with Customer’s technical tasks;
  • Organization of twenty-four-hour documental support of warehouse nad technical operations in accordance in compliance with Customer’s time zone
  • Advantages of the service offered:
  • Lack of problems, concerning training and upkeep of personnel and also its substitution for periods of vacation, illness, studying;
  • Cost saving for investment to equipment and software, necessary for support of passing working process;
  • Extension of Company operation regions at the expense of cost saving, reporting system adaptability and consistent support of our high-profile specialists;

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