Northern delivery

Delivery of cargo to the Far North and the Arctic coast

Northern Delivery is a set of annual measures to provide the territories of the Far North, Siberia, the Far East and the European part of Russia with basic vital goods (primarily food and oil products) prior to the winter season. In some areas of the Far North, delivery is carried out year-round with the icebreaker escort of ships (Sabetta, Salman, Dudinka).

This type of delivery is unique due to the following restrictions:

  • Absence of its own productions base for many goods in the regions of the Far North;
  • Lack of transport infrastructure for delivery to remote objects and settlements, and only with the availability of sea transport during the navigation period;
  • The remoteness of industrial regions from the nearest infrastructure facilities for several thousands of kilometers.
Northern delivery

In addition to essential goods, products and equipment for industrial construction and materials to be used in oil and gas industries are also delivered to the Far North and the Arctic zone.

JSC "Belomortrans" organizes the delivery of goods within the framework of the Northern Delivery through the ports of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk.

To ensure the safety and integrity of cargo during sea transportation, our company carries out their consolidation and packaging in accordance with the requirements of GOST 15846-2002.

At the stage of approving the application, we will clarify the approximate dates of dispatch, the list of our services and their cost, which will be written in the contract.

For transportation by sea, we accept consignments of 5m3 or more. At the same time, you have the opportunity to accumulate the required batch volume in our warehouse. Additionally, you may need to draw up a packing list, weigh and pack the cargo. We can organize these operations at your request.

If necessary, and in the case of a full batch (one vehicle), we can organize a pick-up of cargo directly from the sender, or take it at the closest to the warehouse railway station.

Please note that the acceptance of goods at the warehouse is carried out according to shipping documents. If your cargo arrives at the warehouse from the supplier and you do not have the opportunity to check it for compliance with the shipping documents, then at your request we can do this for you.

We ask the senders to pay attention to the limited navigation time, as well as a significant shortage of free space on sea vessels and possible delays in dispatch, and send the goods in advance.

For all questions regarding shipments within the Northern Delivery, please contact by phone +7 (495) 514-02-55 or 8 (800) 700-49-06, or send a request to or

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