Intrafacility logistics management

We also provide the intrafacility logistics management service.

The essence of this service is to transfer the functions of supply logistics and warehouse logistics to a professional operator who, with his own efforts and resources, performs the tasks set by the Customer.

This type of outsourcing is useful for companies with any type of production. The timeliness of the supply of raw materials and shipments of finished products directly affects the efficiency of the financial result of the customer company.

We undertake the tasks of timely provision of the enterprise with raw materials and materials, correct and timely accounting of the company’s products and prompt delivery of products to consumers.

We have qualified staff, our own technical base and prescribed technological processes for the provision of services, which guarantee the realization of any customer’s tasks.

The general list of services that Belomortrans JSC undertakes in the implementation of management tasks of intrafacility logistics:

  • Organization of delivery of raw materials and supplies;
  • Loading and unloading operations and warehouse operations;
  • Organization of responsible storage at the customer’s warehouse;
  • Provision of warehouse space with the necessary technical resources — loading and unloading equipment, cargo transportation equipment, rack systems, etc .;
  • Warehouse personnel services;
  • Accounting and document management services;
  • Services of inbound control and packaging;
  • Organization of delivery of finished products to customers.

The intrafacility logistics management project for each customer is prepared individually, in accordance with the resource base and the needs of the Customer.

This service will also help you if your company is having trouble in establishing a logistic scheme of work.

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