Transportation by river

Our company provides the transportation of goods by river transport in the following directions:

  • White Sea-Baltic Canal;
  • Basin of the Northern Dvina;
  • Volga-Baltic Canal;
  • Basin of the Guba Ob, including navigation along the Ob River;
  • Basin of the Yenisei River;
  • Lena river basin.

When planning a logistics delivery scheme, you should pay attention to all available options for transporting goods in a given direction. River transportation is used in the following cases:

  • The route of delivery to the destination lies within the reach of transportation by water transport;
  • There is a need to move a large volume of cargo in a short period of time;
  • Impossibility of delivery by land transport (auto and railway);
  • The very specificity of the cargo — oversized or heavy weight — does not allow organizing transportation by road or rail;
  • The river is navigable and there is a possibility of organizing unloading, including on an unequipped shore.

River transportation might save both time and cost.

For example, the transportation of inert cargo is preferable precisely by water transport — the possibility of a one-time movement of a large volume of cargo in a short period of time without losses during transshipment.

You get the same advantage when transporting a large volume of general cargo to hard-to-reach places with limited traffic in the summer. For example, the movement of goods along the Lena River in the direction of Vitim or Peleduy.

River transportation can also be a good alternative to road transportation in the same direction, as, for example, the movement of goods between Surgut and Salekhard.

The movement of goods in the Guba Ob basin has historically been carried out with the involvement of water transport, there are the main ports of shipment in the direction of the NSR — Labytnangi, Urengoy, Novy Port. Another advantage is the possibility of transshipment of cargo from ship to ship, bypassing double transshipment through the onshore warehouse.

We offer for transportation barge and towing trains with a carrying capacity from 400 to 3,000 tons, river-river or river-sea class vessels.

If it is necessary to unload on an unequipped shore, it is possible to attract ramp barges with a mobile crane. This solution is suitable for delivering goods to hard-to-reach places without a port infrastructure.

Transportation by water transport has its own limitations, which should be taken into account when planning logistics:

  • Limited navigation period — each waterway has its own navigation period;
  • Restrictions on precipitation (in depth) — navigation on rivers may be limited due to a decrease in precipitation, this value changes from year to year and depends on climatic and weather changes;
  • Lack of logistics infrastructure at the place of loading / unloading makes it necessary to involve crane and transshipment equipment;
  • If the final place of delivery is located at a distance from the nearest place of unloading on the river, then it is necessary to attract additional modes of transport to reach the final destination.

The last two conditions are especially typical for upstream logistics.

The way we work

  • You have a list of cargo that needs to be delivered, and you understand that it is problematic to organize transportation on your own.
  • You send us a request with a description of the cargo, delivery time and place of shipment and destination.
  • We offer you several options for organizing logistics, depending on the season, available transport routes and modes of transport.
  • We choose the most optimal option for the delivery of goods within the agreed period, negotiate on the list of services and cost, and conclude a contract.

In this case, our company most often acts as a complex operator, taking upon itself the solution of all emerging difficulties.

We are also ready to cooperate only in terms of water transportation, but in this case, you must understand all the possible risks and difficulties that you will have to solve on your own.

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