Packing Cargo for Sea Freight

Our company carries out packing, consolidation, filling and labeling of goods for subsequent shipment by sea. These operations are necessary to ensure the safety of the cargo and its safe sea transportation.

We have been operating in the field of sea transportation for over 30 years and will help you prepare your cargo for transportation, as well as send it by sea from Arkhangelsk and Murmansk.

The packaging of cargo for shipment to the Far North must comply with GOST 15846-2002, if the packaging does not comply with GOST, the port will not accept the cargo. In addition, only enlarged cargo spaces are loaded onto the ship (the sum of length, width and height (LWH) of cargo should exceed 4.5 m).

Services for additional packaging of goods in accordance with GOST 15846-2002

Stowage (filling) and securing of cargo in containers

We provide our customers with the opportunity to purchase containers for their subsequent filling with goods and shipping by sea.

This service is especially relevant for companies sending cargo to fields and autonomous facilities. In this case, the containers themselves act as storage units and facilitate the further use of the goods.

You can organize the consolidation of cargo at the warehouses of JSC "Belomortrans" and give us instructions on its subsequent filling.

Packaging into a wooden box

Designed for secure packaging and protects from mechanical damage and exposure to atmospheric conditions, such as high humidity, salinity of the atmosphere, frequent lack of air circulation or daily temperature fluctuations.

The more reliably the cargo is packed, the safer it will get to its destination. Wooden boxes are made individually fitting the size of the goods. To enhance the shock-absorbing properties, you can use bubble wrap, cardboard, polystyrene, or foam rubber.

Components: The package includes a pallet, sides, lid and fixing metal tape.

Wooden crates

This type of cargo packing belongs to the rigid type — the most durable of all the existing ones — and is made exactly according to the dimensions of the transported goods and materials. A structure assembled from a bar and boards, fastened together with self-tapping screws.

Components: Board, timber, nails, screws.

Lashing with wires

It is an economical option for tying long piece x metal products into bundles.

Components: Wire (hot rolled d6).

Requirements, standards and technical conditions for ensuring the safe transportation of goods are reflected in the regulatory documents:

  • GOST 26653-90 "Preparation of general cargo for transportation"
  • RD "Rules for the carriage of goods in containers by sea"
  • GOST 15846-2002 "Products shipped to the regions of the Far North and equivalent areas. Packaging, labeling, transportation and storage"
  • GOST 14192-96 "Marking of cargo"

All cargo packing services are formalized by appropriate acts with the preparation of photo reports and labeling, so you always know in which of the places a certain box is located, which simplifies the acceptance of the cargo by the Recipient.

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